Carnes Company

Energy Recovery

Carnes, a leader in providing HVAC solutions, recognized over 50 years ago the energy conservation and equipment efficiency via Energy Recovery is the key to providing acceptable indoor air quality through outside air ventilation. A pioneer of Energy Recovery wheels, no other manufacturer can boast a record of over 50 years of continuously proving Energy Recovery solutions to the commercial work place.

Wheel-Type Energy Recovery Ventilators

Model WE Energy Recovery Ventilators provide affordable outside ventilation by combining the Carnes Energy Recovery Wheel with a make-up air handler and an exhaust fan into a compact package that minimizes capital investment and maximizes payback for heating and cooling equipment. Units available for both inside and outside mounting. Complete controls available.

Plate-Type Energy Recovery Ventilators

Model WP "Core" type energy Recovery Ventilators. Now you can offer ERV's with Enthalpy Cores for all climates with fewer moving parts, and HRV's with sensible only cores optimized for cold climates. WPDC with ECM Direct Drive motors for airflows 100-1800 CFM, field configurable interior installation, controls and defrost. WPBC Belt Drive fans for airflows 600-6800 CFM, interior and exterior installation, double wall, controls and defrosts.