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Energy Recovery Overview

    1. Indoor Air Quality

      • The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of a building can have potentially harmful, implications for occupants that live, work, or study there every day. IAQ is a measurement of the amount of undesirable substances in the air that can have adverse health effects such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide, natural gas, mold, and bacteria. The harmful effects that can result from poor IAQ range include:

        • Health and Wellness Effects: Acute allergies, headaches, coughs, asthma, skin irritations, and breathing difficulties, as well as chronic illnesses such as cancer, liver disease, kidney damage, and nervous-system failure.

        • Cognitive Function Effects: Studies by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that carbon dioxide (CO2)-a constituent of exhaled breath-negatively impacted thinking and decision-making at levels commonly found inside homes and buildings.

        • Productivity Losses: Worker sickness and absenteeism cause serious losses for businesses of every type, which is estimated to cost the U.S. economy $168 billion annually.

      Energy Savings

      • Energy Recovery (ER) media works by drawing heat and moisture from exhaust air and transferring it to an outside air supply. Based on the specific application, the efficiency of this energy transfer can be as high as 80%. Proper application of energy recovery significantly reduces the heating and cooling load requirements for a building's primary air handler, which allows for use of smaller, less costly equipment.

      • The added cost of the energy recovery unit pays for itself by reducing energy costs. In some instances, paying for itself in only a few months

      • Meet Design Requirements:

        • ASHRAE - ER Products can help engineers meet the Guidelines for energy and ventilation in ASHRAE Standards 90.1, 189.1 and 62.1.

        • LEED - For buildings with LEED requirements, ER Products help to achieve the proper energy efficiencies to acquire LEED Credits in both the EA and EQ categories

      • Our Commitment

        • Carnes Company has been doing business for over 75 years, and has been supplying Energy Recovery solutions since the technology's early days. Through the years, we have been committed to providing the best quality and service for all of the products we produce.

      • Technology

        • Carnes' ER products utilize wheels and cores that are sourced only through innovative leaders in the field of energy transfer media, and all of our media are designed to provide the most efficiency energy transfer possible.

        • 3-Angstrom Molecular Sieve (ER Wheel media only) - The 3-Angstrom Molecular Sieve is still the most selective latency transfer method available.

        • The motors in Carnes' ER units are designed to maximize efficiency.

      • Certifications

        • AHR 1060 - Certifies the Energy Recovery Performance of the units.

        • UL Listed - This listing ensures the safety of the unit as it pertains to all electrical components.

        • NFPA-90A - This is a set of standards for the Installation, Operation and Maintenance of air conditioning equipment, intended to protect life and property from fire, smoke, and gases.


        • Carnes Complete is a web-based selection software used for every stage of a project, from design to placing an order. Pricing and order placement are only available to official Carnes Representatives and Distributors, however, guest accounts are available.

        • ER-C-Lect - This section of the selection software allows you to enter the design criteria for an Energy Recovery unit, and receive a list of units that could be applied. That list will also tell you the energy transfer efficiency of each option. Once you've selected the best unit type and size, the selection software walks you through the available options and accessories.

        • Schedule Generation - Once you've selected and saved the unit, you can generate a schedule directly from the same software.

        • Submittals - For any product selected by performance, Carnes Complete will allow you to generate full submittals.