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Sight Proof Louvers

"Y" Blade

Carnes Model FYYB & FZYB utilizes sight proof "Y" style blades. The louver blades are drainable, with down spouts located at the louver jambs. The down spouts collect the water from the louver blades and channel it away to the louver sill. Model FYYB is a high performance louver, which may be used for exhaust or intake air.

Model FYYB / FZYB - 4" deep, sight proof "Y" blades

Chevron Blade

Carnes Model FYKB & FZKB utilizes sight proof chevron blades (V shaped). The flat surface of the louver blade is designed to repel water out and away from the building. Water runs straight off of the front of the louver blades, draining to the exterior of the building. Model FYKB may be used for exhaust or intake air.

Model FYKB / FZKB - 2" deep, sight proof chevron blades