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Cable Operated Dampers

Carnes cable operated dampers (Bowden Cable System) were developed for air balancing at the mid/duct above inaccessible ceilings with mechanical push-pull adjustments at the terminal controller.  The model FQAA (square/rectangular) and FQBA (round) dampers are designed to provide personal convenience and a positive means of individual room or zone temperature control.

Bowden Cable System Controllers:

BO-R: Rack & pinion, shipped loose
BO-300: Rack & pinion, mounting bracket, ceiling cup
BO-896: Rack & pinion, screw cap, concealed in ceiling
BO-896-P: Rack & pinion, tamper proof screw
BO-PL: Rack & pinion, cover plate, for ice tong diffusers
BO-702: Rack & pinion, cover plate, concealed in wall

Model FQAA - square/rectangular cable operated damper

Model FQBA - round cable operated damper