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An update from Carnes on COVID-19

We here at Carnes Company would like to take this moment to extend our best wishes and gratitude to all healthcare workers, public safety employees, supply chain workers, and many others who are working tirelessly during this unprecedented time in our world’s history. Furthermore, we hope that you and your families are staying healthy and safe.

Carnes Company would like to let you know that we are here for you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our facilities have remained open as we are classified as an ‘essential business’, serving the medical, military, prison, and other institutions in the non-residential construction industry.

The health and safety of our employees remains a top priority; we have instituted operational protocols, and trained our office and manufacturing personnel to adhere to guidelines presented by our local, state and federal government. We are working hard to continue to provide the support and service you expect from the Carnes Company. We continue to ship out equipment and replacement parts on time. Our suppliers have done a great job in supporting that effort by supplying us with the materials required in a timely fashion.

We continue to learn more about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and recently learned from William N. Bryan, the acting undersecretary for science and technology at the Homeland Security Department, who revealed from recent laboratory experiments how heat, humidity and exposure to sunlight significantly speeds up the rates at which the novel coronavirus is destroyed. The experiments, conducted by the U.S Army’s biosecurity laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland tested how long the virus would last on hard surfaces compared to various levels of heat, humidity and sunlight.

The half-life measurement (the amount of time it takes for half of a given quantity of virus to degrade or disappear) ranged from 18 hours to 2 minutes depending on the temperature, humidity, and exposure to sunlight. The surface information is shown below:

TemperatureHumiditySolarHalf Life
70-75° F20%None18 hours
70-75° F80%None6 hours
95° F80%None1 hour
70-75° F80%Summer2 minutes

Carnes Company has been producing electrode humidifiers for over 50 years! Controlling the proper humidity in your place of business as well as your home is the best way to keep your employees, customers or your family members healthy and safe from this virus as well as future viruses. Using a combination of high humidity and high temperature during the off-hours or hours when you are away from home will provide added protection to kill this virus and sanitize your facility or residence. The Carnes electrode humidifier produces sterile steam the moment it induces current between the electrodes. Other humidifiers work by heating (boiling) water to make steam, which may take 20 minutes before steam is produced. Electrode humidification produces instant steam that is sterile and efficiently moved through your facility killing viruses on all surfaces.

It is important to realize that having a clean and virus free environment for your employees, customers and your family members will positively impact your health. We have other ideas on how you can improve the health of your building and provide even greater protection. Call us to discuss the use of humidification, or other options we can supply that will improve the health and safety of your environment. Please call Brian Baker at 608-845-6411 to explain your situation and how we can help or go to to see our complete humidifier line and our other products. You can count on us to support you and your business today and in the future.